Thanks to everyone who was part of the SCRIB community over the last three years.

When SCRIB's doors opened in 2012 we didn't know how it would evolve or what might happen. The community jumped right in and created something spectacular. Our primary focus was to keep the community thriving and add/change plans based on that goal. It drove decisions with partnerships, furniture, projects and many other elements.

It's time for Scrib to take another evolution. The creation of the Boomtown Accelerator last year has created a new and exciting community; one that will develop opportunities and projects for years to come. Along with the addition of Atomic20's new creative workspace in the same building, the communities will continue to grow.

Beginning January 2015, the Boomtown brand will take over the existing Scrib office space and the Scrib brand will go away. Boomtown will continue the tradition of community building and will provide space for entrepreneurs to connect (more to come on that portion) but will not have the traditional permanent and mobile co-working structure.

A sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us connect, get to know and work with so many of you. It has truly been a pleasure and alot of fun. We look forward to more exciting things happening in the future.


Toby & Jeff